Haven’t watched Finn McKenty in a while, but his video about 90s hardcore and the politics and ideas they were tackling at the time was perfect. Taking ideas to their logical end has always been where my beliefs go and has left me with some very radical politics that I often have to hide to fit in.

I kinda wanna be in a band again. Something like Praise would be cool.

Writing this from Moku O Lo’e. Incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to stay here. Unreal.

Tokyo Trip 2024

I finally finished posting about our trip to Tokyo at the beginning of June. Here is each day collected:

東京 Day 12: 2024.06.20

We went to the library in the morning, and it was so close to Momma’s house. It’s like a minute away. It wasn’t open, but Michi dropped books off for donation anyway. We then went to a tiny coffee shop in the neighborhood called 8068 cafe, but it was full.

We then went to U ra ra, or Ooh La La, a little secondhand shop just down the road from her. Michi found some cute Maneki Neko statues. After that, we went to Ebisu to look for ink refills for the Sakura craft_lab 003, but nothing. Then we went to Loft in Shibuya, also nothing, and then to Hands. We got em! Michi bought all of them.

We got food from Masaka again. We got the lunch set of gyoza and rice, Michi got yuzu pepper karaage, and I got tartar sauce. Both were phenomenal.

We went to the Sky Tower and found Ocha Room, an Ito-en cafe. I had shave ice and Michi had mochi and tea; it was amazing. Michi said it was great to get her stress out that way.

We took the train back, and Momma had made dinner for us: tofu, spinach, konnyaku sashimi, and corn rice. We talked, and then Michi met Shiho, the hanko maker, at the library. Michi wanted to learn from her, but they couldn’t figure out a time. She returned in the middle of the night with supplies left on the door for Michi to get started. We ate truffle sora-ame and had N/A Asahi before getting ready for bed for our last night in Japan.

It was my fourth time going to Tokyo and it was the best by far. Even though I was sick half the time, it was meaningful on another level. I learn so much each time I come to Japan and the plan is to move upon my retirement. Seeing it with that perspective, made it very different this time. I am grateful to Michi’s family for making this possible.

Masaka Izakaya Michi at Ocha Room Walking the underpass

東京 Day 11: 2024.06.19

We ate breakfast at the hotel in the morning and then made our way to the train. We took a fancier express train to Takadanobaba and then transferred to Kichijoji.

We went to Parco, and I got some tapes from the Disk Union, William Tyler and two Keita Sano cassettes. Then we ate sushi and went to the Ghibli Museum. It was perfect.

We went right into the theater and saw the short The Day I Bought a Star. Set in Iblard and with a magical terrarium sci-fi solarpunk story, I loved it. We went to every spot in the museum, and I fell in love with the animator’s work areas. I learned of Oga Kazuo, who painted all of my favorite backgrounds. I got a ton of postcards and the Only Yesterday and The Day I Bought a Star soundtracks. Then we found the bookstore, and I got the programs for Only Yesterday, Pom Poko, and another art book. Michi got a book about the flowers and plants of Hachikokuyama Park. We took pictures on the roof with Laputa. We then spent time with a walk through the nearby Inokashira Park.

We got more sushi and I got a YMO cassette and the Legend of Mana and Suzume soundtracks. We headed back and I bought a digital clock that I loved from a nearby shop.

We came home and captured a big roach from the kitchen. Momma made tofu, and we talked and ate together, laughing about wanting to live in Kawagoe.

Michi waiting for the train Park on the way to Ghibli Museum Ghibli Museum Mitaka Outside Ghibli Museum Outside Ghibli Museum Outside Ghibli Museum Michi at the Straw Hat Cafe Flags at the Straw Hat Cafe Laputian statue Laputian statue Laputa cube Outside Ghibli Museum Bathrooms at Inokashira Park Inokashira Pond Rock wall in Inokashira Inokashira Pond Weird statue in Kichijoji Weird lantern in Kichijoji Lanikai Juice They feel the same about Elon

東京 Day 10: 2024.06.18

This morning, it rained like crazy, but we went to Kawagoe and walked around in the wet. We saw the shrine to crows, which was really cool.

We warmed up and learned alot at the matsuri museum. Then we got coffee, pickles, and a smoked tofu caprese salad from Cafe Elevato. We loved the art there and got postcards from Shigetsugu Yoshida, one of the animators for Lupin and many more. Everything was great and it was the perfect place to warm up.

Then we went to Kawagoe Kou Sushi and had an amazing meal. Soba, tempura, and of course sushi and it was all so good. The restaurant has been open since 1878.

We walked around more and then headed to check in at the hotel. After that, the rain lightened up a bit and we went back out before everything closed. Michi and I got some great bags from a handmade canvas company. She got a few things from her mom’s favorite basket weaver. We saw the most elegant Starbucks that I have ever seen. Then we spent some more time at the hotel to dry off again.

We went out for some snacks and to check out more of the shrines and then stopped for dinner at Pizzeria Rocco. We both got marinaras, some pickles, and Michi got an ume soda. It was so good. It’s the best pizza and crust I have ever had.

Karasu shrine Karasu statues Karasu fortune tellers Rainy Kawagoe Matsuri Museum Coffee at Cafe Elevato Kawagoe Kou Sushi Kawagoe Kou Sushi 2 Kawagoe Kou Sushi 3 Beautiful tree Rest area Lovely sign Canvas shop The most elegant Starbucks I have ever seen Kawagoe buildings Now Showing Security door painting Music Cafe Karasu lanterns Shrine at night Evening shrine Shrine entrance Lanterns Michi among the lanterns Rainbow in the evening

東京 Day 9: 2024.06.17

It’s Momma’s birthday today, so we started the day a little slower. For breakfast, we had some delicious bread and salad.

We went to Kumegawa and she sold a necklace that she no longer wanted. We went to Mosburger for lunch, then checked out a stationery shop and Seria, which is like Daiso but huge.

We went back home and everyone took a short nap.

Michi and I wanted to walk around a bit and explore Higashimurayama. We went to Aeon, which was huge. I saw the amazing electronics section. They still sold blank minidiscs and cassettes, and there were some phenomenal appliances.

Daichan came over and cooked dinner and our breakfast for the next day and it was all really tasty.

We played the rating game and it was really funny. Michi gave her mom a massage and then we got ready for bed.

Statue in Higashimurayama Eel restaurant we saw on our walk. Train along the rode

東京 Day 8: 2024.06.16

We went for a mini walk around Momma’s house and saw the secondhand shop and a small park near 7-11.

Then it was back to Shibuya and got some soft serve and a hot dog from Ikea. We got another orange juice from the machine and then went to Tower Records.

I got a rajio taiso tape and a Secret of Mana 3-cd collection. We got my new glasses from Zoff, Michi got another pair and we ate Mos burger.

We went to Ginza after and visited the Yamaha store. It was super cool, but there was no Genos, which is what I really wanted to try. I played bass and Michi played drums and we had fun.

Then we went for a walk and got some souvenirs, a shiso herb drink that was delicious and headed to Komeda Is, a plant-based kissaten. We had a delicious tofu fritter plate, wasabi seaweed burger and tonkatsu sandwiches. We were full but had to finish off with an ice coffee and coffee jelly.

After we saw the Kabuki-za theater with Snoopy kabuki merch and a super cool little row of shops.

We went to Itoya, which is heaven for stationery nerds, and had a great time. I got some more stamps and Michi found an excellent Sakura .8mm pen that we bought. We headed back and got flowers in Takadanobaba for Momma and spent the evening chatting with her.

Super cassette sale Us in the Tower elevator Ryuichi Sakamoto Outside Shibuya station Piano with AR at Yamaha Michi learning drums at Yamaha Kabuki-za Komeda-Is, plant-based kissaten Michi's first vegan coffee jelly Bonsai neon sign Three beautiful trees outside of Kabuki-za

東京 Day 7: 2024.06.15

Sickest morning so far, but I started to feel a bit better. We went to Nakameguro, and Ballon was our first stop. Everything was great, especially the lilikoi pistachio soft serve ice cream.

Then we walked to Waltz. It was a very cool shop and I got a Lucky Dube, a Culture, and a lo-fi Ghibli tape there. Michi got two Popeye magazines.

Then we walked around and got on the train to Shibuya. We went to Disc Union, and I got two Yukihiro Takahashi tapes, a Tears for Fears best of, and a Sugar Plant tape.

Then we drank some amazing fresh orange juice from an automated juicing machine. I felt instantly better.

From there, we walked to Harajuku, stopping at a few spots. Michi wanted to go to Lafloret, where we saw tons of interesting vendors. We then went to Takeshita St, which was nuts. Three Tides was super cool. Then, there was a vintage store named Kinsella, which was after the Midwest emo king. I have no idea why; I mean, obviously, but there were framed photos up, and yeah.

We ate at Jangara ramen, and it was delicious. We headed home after that.

Ballon Waltz Nakameguro Nakameguro again Another Nakameguro Near the river Meguro river I was told to take this photo Weird art in Floret More weird art Kinsella

東京 Day 6: 2024.06.14

In the morning, we walked up to the shrine before breakfast. We saw an impossibly old tree, it was something like a thousand years old. I felt a little better, health wise as we were walking around. We ate breakfast and then went up to the room.

I started reading Nausicaä while Michi was getting ready. I sampled the warblers and made a beat, too.

We checked out from Komadori and took photos with the owners. I shared an Instax photo with them and still can’t get over how a business can run for 19 generations. We went up to the now-opened shrine and said prayers, and took lots of photos. We got omiyage and then stopped at Momijiya for some delicious coffee and tempura with an incredible view.

We made our way out and checked out the visitor’s center then we had some delicious oyaki before we left from the obachan there. She was super sweet.

We took the cable car out and down the mountain. We picked up fresh wasabi from the train station and headed back to Tachikawa. We got lunch and soda and then spent time at the Book Off there. I got some great CDs, Studio Ghibli soundtracks, Square Enix game compliments, and the Metropolis soundtrack. Then we came back and ate dinner with Mama.

1,000 year old tree Michi by the unopened shops Top of Mitake mountain street Bottom of the shrine Dog statue Dog statue and shrine Lantern Intricate lantern statue Another intricate lantern statue Kappa bench on the way to the top Mt. Mitake tourism posters Bird feeder at Komadori Grave stones along the path to the shrine Dog statue Another dog statue Building at the shrine Shrine for dogs Shrine Building at the shrine Stone steps Torii Cafe Momijiya Cafe Momijiya New ryōkan at Mitake Mt Mitake tourism advertisement Michi at Flowers in Tachikawa Train in Tachikawa Map in Tachikawa

東京 Day 5: 2024.06.13

We went with Michi’s mom to Tachikawa station. I wasn’t feeling good on the way. I probably caught something from the plane, and it was getting to me now with a cough, so I wore a mask. We had lunch together, and I got a coffee from Good Sound.

Then we caught the train to Ome and went out to Mitake. We took the cable car up and made the short trek to where we were going to stay the night My cough was bugging me, and it was a long trip, but it was worth it.

We arrived at the shukubo Komadori Sanso which was opened in 1776. We met Akemi Baba, her son, daughter-in-law, and their newest two-month-old daughter, Yae-chan. When she is an adult she will be the 19th generation caretaker for the shukubo.

We spent the evening there and enjoyed the warblers and the quiet. We relaxed, drank tea, and had a wonderful vegan set meal before our bath. Our bath was cut short because I thought there was a huge spider, but it turned out to be a harmless beetle.

To Mitake Torii to Mitake On the way to our shukubo Komadori Sanso Sato at Komadori Sanso

東京 Day 4: 2024.06.12

Daichan picked us up and took us to Jindai-ji where there was a beautiful temple and the Hakuhoh Buddha.

We walked around enjoying the sights, then went to the Kitaro Cafe. We got a bunch of little things, a bag, and mugs. Then we ate oyaki and mochi dango from some nearby vendors. It was so fresh.

He took us to the Jindai Botanical Garden, where we saw some of the most beautiful flowers. There was an unbelievable rose garden and orchid house, and the smell of the roses was strong and sweet.

Then we went to Kick Back Cafe, where we had a delicious salad, ramen, parfait, a guava mojito, and one of the best iced coffees ever.

Daichan surprised us with tickets to the Fujiko Fujio museum, and Michi was so happy. The museum was great, and the gift shop was fun. I got some Time Patrol Bon merch, a folder, and a cup. We had fun with the rooftop playground and going into Doraemon’s house and capsule.

We then drove through where Michi grew up in Fuchu and went to the temple her dad took her to for Matsuri.

Jindai-ji temple grounds Jindai-ji temple Jindai-ji pond Fountain at Jindai-ji Cave altar at Jindai-ji Statue outside of the restaurant in Jindai Another statue outside of the restaurant Kitaro Cafe statues Kitaro Cafe Giant yokai on the roof Giant geta on the roof of the cafe Kitaro characters Kitaro van Inside the cafe Shigeru Mizuki museum Eye lamp inside the Shigeru Mizuki museum Yokai map More yokai Kitaro Yokai More yokai Yokai in the walls 1 Yokai in the walls 2 Yokai in the walls 3 Yokai in the walls 4 Yokai in the walls 5 Mizuki art Kitaro again Michi eating dango Dango shoppers Michi at Jindai garden The rose garden at Jindai Fountains at the rose garden Statue in the Jindai rose garden Michi among the flowers Doraemon's house! Interior of Doraemon's house Fujiko's laptop Time Patrol Bon art Michi with the dinosaurs Cute characters at the museum Shrine in Fuchu Shrine in Fuchu Shrine in Fuchu

東京 Day 3: 2024.06.11

We ate breakfast in the Shirokane hotel and got ready to go for a walk. We had a nice, quiet moment in the tiniest park in Shirokane.

She met with people from her uncle’s massive architecture firm to share a signed book about him with them.

I walked to Azabu and around the area, enjoying the little shops. I saw the Zojirushi headquarters. Buy a rice machine from them, you won’t regret it. I stopped into a Book Off and found some manga that interested me.

We met Daichan, and he took us to Ebisu, where we ate at SimplyBio, which was a delicious karaage plate.

We went to a stationery shop, and I got some great stamps and ink there. We were dropped off in Shibuya, and we went to some of Michi’s favorite vintage clothing spots. I got a great shirt from Desert Snow. The shop rep was wearing a Hōkūleʻa shirt, and we talked about it.

In Tokyu Hands there was a phenomenal cassette player collection on display. It felt like destiny.

We went to Disk Union, Fangamer, Nintendo, and Jump and worked our way down to see all the other shops in Parco and an Aokizy art gallery.

I fell in love with a fake embroidered Apple Watch that I didn’t but should have bought.

We made our way back to mom’s house as we were both tired and had some of our takeout karaage for evening snack.

Graffiti on signs Zojirushi headquarters Thai restaurant in Ebisu Cassette players Cassette players Cassette players Cassette players Cassette players Fangamer store Link statue Mario statue Mario and a question block Shonen Jump shop Aokizy art 1 Aokizy art 2 Aokizy art 3

東京 Day 2: 2024.06.10

We woke up at Shirokane and had a great breakfast. We went to Roppongi and got some goodies from 7-11, the hijiki tofu bar was so good.

We found Michi’s head massage school. Her class was going to be about four hours, so I went to Azabudai Hills. I saw some beautiful art and cool cafes. Then I walked to Tokyo Tower. I kept walking and ended up at Hibiya. I ate the loco moco at Mr. Farmer and walked back through a government area. I got coffee at %ARABICA in Azabudai Hills, and it was unreal good.

I met up with Michi at Verve, and she got a shiso kombucha. We went to Don Quijote and then got the bus to Shibuya to transfer to go see her grandma.

We went to Zoff then, and Daikichi picked us up for a surprise. The surprise was Mr. Farmer in Komazawa(!). This was hilarious because he had no idea we had already eaten there. I had it for lunch, too, but it was the original restaurant location, so we were excited. We ordered two plates and the tempeh cutlet burger, which was unreal good. Then we got desserts, and the fruit tart was the best. Cheesecake was great, too.

Azabudai Hills Hermes at Azabudai Hills Original One Piece Art Weird spiral art in Azabudai Hills More weird spiral art in Azabudai Hills Spider lift for cleaning glass panes

Another angle of the liftShrine near Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower through the trees Stone sculpture in Hibiya No Nukes Protest % Coffee sign Wall art of a tiger at Roppongi Forum False 3D building in Roppongi

東京 Day 1: 2024.06.09

We went to Hibiya. We ate at Mr. Farmer. We got loco moco, uji matcha tiramisu, and a burger. Everything was ridiculously good. Then we walked to the Hibiya Park music festival. We saw EYRIE, fox capture plan, and Rie Ideta (I loved “キツツキ").

We also saw a nest of murder hornets. Michi warned the festival organizers and the people sitting there and they put cones up. She was so surprised because she had never seen them, but there were 5 or 6. They were carrying what looked like berries but may have been insect heads.

We toured the festival and saw Korg, Roland, Casio, and Suzuki booths. It was super cool seeing everyone playing a variety of musical instruments.

Then we went to Hibiya mall and got delicious coffee and hungout on the roof garden. I got a cool OHTA pencil and mugi cha from Today’s Special.

We headed to Shirokane where we met her brother, Daichan. We got fresh-squeezed juice and so much good food from Queen Iseten.

No Vegetable No Life Pelican fountains Tower in Hibiya Egg statue Subway in Hibiya

Any recommendations on a digital photo album?

I have never owned one, but I would like one that I can just stick a memory card in, not one that needs an app.

Photo of Tim Berners-Lee poster at UH-Mānoa

You can change the protocol, or you can change the world.

Whales are Now Legal Persons:

Whales now have inherent rights, such as freedom of movement, the right to a healthy environment, and the right to thrive alongside humanity. With this treaty, the giant of the seas will be protected in South Pacific waters by legislation and its habitat secured.

“He Whakaputanga Moana is not merely words on paper. It’s a Hinemoana Halo, a woven cloak of protection for our taonga – our treasures – the magnificent whales,” King Tūheitia said.


Found this in an old journal:

We need invisible things. Air. Love. If an alien were to capture us we couldn’t even draw on paper what it is that we need. Patience. Understanding. Stability. Peace. These are our actual needs. We need free things.

No source written, and I’m pretty sure it’s not my original thought, but I love it.